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Emmett Blau for 2017 Donovan


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Emmett, of the burgeoning class of “second generation” Ultimate players, grew up with a disc in his hands, and it shows on the field. His mother won a national championship with Lady Godiva and was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame, and his father was a major part of the NYNY dynasty.

In high school, Emmett played for John Jay Air Raid, New England Black Ice, and competed at YCCs with BUDA. He distinguished himself as an elite handler and athlete on the National stage, captaining BUDA his senior year.

After Emmett’s Freshman year at Williams, he represented the United States at the U19 World Championships in Lecco, Italy — where he started as a D-Line handler. After his Sophomore year he competed with Boston Garuda, where he was a primary cutter on the O-Line.

Following his sophomore year at Williams, Emmett spent much of his summer continuing to teach others Ultimate as a counselor at NUTC, helping to teach younger ultimate players skills, spirit, and respect for the game.

Emmett was selected as captain of WUFO for his Sophomore year, demonstrating the incredible faith that year’s leadership had in him as a player and a leader, despite his relative youth. In Emmett’s three years of captainship, I have had the privilege of playing with and learning from him. He has spent countless hours recruiting and developing new players (including myself), teaching the tenets of the game and always emphasizing the importance of spirited play. Emmett is an incredibly strong leader on the team, and has always effortlessly commanded the respect and attention of his teammates. He continuously leads by example; he is always the hardest-working and most positive player on the field, but most importantly, he displays great spirit regardless of the situation or stakes. Throughout his college career, Emmett has served as a model teammate, player, captain, and human being for those around him. //

Emmett is an absolutely dominant player on the field. It is exceedingly rare that Emmett is not the strongest player on the field on either side of the disc. He is an incredibly complete player who, quite simply, can do it all; he excels as a handler, cutter, deep threat, covers a huge expanse of the field in zone defense, and plays absolutely shut-down person defense. Emmett consistently rises to the occasion when the game is on the line, making the big sky, D, or throw required for the team’s success. It would be difficult to understate his importance to our team, and all I can really say is that I am incredibly happy that I do not have to play against him in those high-pressure situations.
Now, in his senior year, Emmett is hoping to lead WUFO to our first-ever appearance at DIII College Nationals. After graduating a large senior class last year and lacking a coach this season, Emmett has become only more critical of a component to the team. He has faced this challenge head-on, assuming a larger leadership role (and effectively serving as our coach in most ways) and has almost single-handedly willed our team to victory on numerous occasions. Many of the players on the team have begun to say that “as long as we have Emmett, we have a chance.”
Last year Emmett’s importance to our team was recognized by his election to the First Team All-Region, and he is a favorite for Player of the Region this year. All of my teammates and I hope you will consider Emmett for the 2017 Donovan award in recognition of his skill, spirit, and his incredible willingness to foster the growth and enjoyment of this fantastic sport. Thank you.
– Jeff Sload, teammate and co-captain for WUFO
Since coming to Williams, Emmett has been a shining example of what it means to be great teammate and captain. With experience from U19 worlds and at the elite club level, Emmett has always pushed himself to be the best ultimate player possible. Whether it is 6 am track workouts or practices out in teens temperatures with a fresh layer of snow on the turf, Emmett is always first to the field with a smile on his face, motivating his teammates to be just as committed as him. The intensity and big plays he brings to the field is contagious; I’ve witnessed many big throws and blocks from Emmett that have helped to spark his team to stunning comebacks. From firsthand experience as a teammate and coach of his, he is also never afraid to shoulder blame of any kind, instead using those mistakes and experiences as a teaching tool for himself and his teammates.
– Victor Luo, former WUFO coach, former teammate on WUFO and Garuda, current member of the Madison Radicals.

Emmett is one of those rare players who’s excellent on the field while making his teammates better and will do whatever is needed in order to make them successful. In my experience, he listens to feedback and takes pride in becoming a better player, regardless of what is needed. More importantly, he’s an excellent example to others with his sportsmanship – playing hard, but always fairly and with respect for his opponents. Emmett is exactly the kind of player you love to build a team around.

– Micah Flynn, former Garuda coach

In addition to Emmett’s Donovan video (above) check him out making some (i.e., most of the best) plays in our season highlight reels from the last two seasons: